June 19, 2024

Playing Blackjack with Luck and Strategy


The game of blackjack has a long and glorious history and part of becoming good at this game has to do with understanding the history and how the strategy for the game has evolved over the course of time. There is both luck and strategy involved in blackjack and if you want to be successful at the game you’ll need to play with both.

Playing blackjack with luck

Playing online live blackjack with luck is something that is out of your hands simply because of the fact that you can’t really influence the luck of the draw. You can only hope that the luck of the draw goes your way when you are playing the game.

What you can do however is understand that there is luck involved in the game of blackjack. That luck element is there regardless of whether you are playing with a live online dealer, a conventional online game or at a brick and mortar casino. The house always has the edge in blackjack and even though that house edge is exceptionally minute in some cases, it is still big enough that you will feel it over the course of the long term if you are not careful enough about how you put things together.

Playing blackjack with strategy

Once you’ve made the mental decision to consider the house edge in blackjack, strategic concerns come into play that can actually swing that edge back into your favour. The reason for this is two-fold and the first of those folds comes with the idea that you can play proper strategic blackjack to lower the house edge as much as possible.

If you know when to hit, when to double down, when to stand and when to surrender, you’ll do a much better job of maximizing the values of all of your hands and in doing so you will also minimize the level of the house edge that is available.

Once you’ve minimized the blackjack house edge, it is then possible to at least even the odds or at most swing them onto your side of the equation through card counting. Don’t let anyone tell you that card counting is not real. Don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t work.

Card counting in a live casino game in India or in an online casino with a live online dealer dealing from a blackjack sleeve can certainly help you get things done. By knowing the density of different cards left in that sleeve, you can definitely do a very good job at knowing when to bet higher and when to bet lower. That can make all the difference when you are dealing with edges that amount to less than one percent at the end of the day.


So, there you have it. Beating the game of blackjack requires playing blackjack with luck and strategy. You’ll need to get lucky to win every now and then, but strategy can certainly go a long way towards reducing the amount of luck you need to take home a decent blackjack payout.