June 19, 2024

Online Casinos Bonuses: A beginner´s guide

Online casinos work, in many aspects, in a similar way to their offline counterparts: users go in with money, play, and bet. Nevertheless, there are some differences, and one of the main advantages that online casinos pose is the bonuses. It is easy for those just starting in the online casino world to lose track of this feature, for each website offers different benefits. Here, we propose a guide through the main types of bonuses and how to make the best profit.

Getting started: What are they?

Online casinos offer gifts to their users on specific occasions that can go from your first deposit to your first recommendation to a friend. This reward is often a bonus, which can take the shape of money but also of casino chips or free spins in games like roulette or slots. Do not miss out on https://www.bestuscasinos.org/bonuses/ for more information.

Bonueses: Main categories

·       Welcome Bonueses

After creating an account and making your first deposit, some websites will offer you a welcome or registration bonus. While some casinos offer two or three times the amount you have loaded on the website, others may give you less money but add some free spins to the pack. This way, you can try the site’s game selection.

Some casinos also provide no-deposit bonuses, letting the user try the site to ensure it is the right fit for them.

·       Cashbacks & rebates

If you had a bad week and had more losses than wins, some casinos will offer to pay back a percentage of your loss.

·       Crypto bonueses

In many casinos, cryptocurrency is not only a valid way to pay, but it is also an encouraged practice, for if you choose Bitcoin or Ethereum as a payment option, you will access a bonus.

·       Fidelity Bonuses

You reach this bonus after staying on the same site for a while. Either free spins or money, you will be able to continue playing your favorite games.

·       Daly bonuses

This feature not only varies from casino to casino but from day to day: while one day it may be a money bonus, the next it may be free spins.

·       VIP & Loyalty rewards

Each user earns points with every deposit and every time they win. That puts them in a rank: the higher the position, the more advantages the site will give them. Websites also encourage participation in tournaments and contests.

·       Refer a friend bonuses

As the name suggests, this bonus is based on recommendations. If the site notices that, after you registered, many of your friends have done the same, you will likely strike a bonus. In some cases, it is related to the number of people you attract to the site: the larger the number, the bigger the prize.

·       Multiple deposit or reload bonuses

It works similarly to the welcome bonus: you deposit, and the website will give you back more money or other benefits (each site varies the percentage of cash or the advantages it provides). The difference is that you must make several deposits to unlock this customer feature.

·       Free spin

Some games, like the slots or the roulette, allow this bonus. While it may not be a feature that can be used in any game, it can come in different stages: inside the welcome bonus pack, included in a refer-a-friend bonus, or as a gift for staying some time on the same website.

It is essential that, before registering on any site, you check the licenses and credentials (fit your country’s body of regulations), other user’s comments and reviews, and some renowned portals to help you verify the site’s security. It is also advisable to look for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) features that guarantee the encryption of information and The Random Number Generators, also called RNG, that validate the game’s fairness.

Online casinos are a way to enjoy gambling every day, everywhere, safely. Check each website’s proposal and choose the one that suits you the best. Start playing today!