October 3, 2023

Top Common Signs That You Must Look Out for While Playing Online Poker Game

As you know, the game of poker is a very skilful game where your poker hands may become insignificant but what matters is what kind of body language you display after seeing your card and also what you observe in your opponent players. Often a skilful player with a very poor hand can also win the game by observing a few signs.

Just imagine a situation, you have been served your cards and now trying to decide whether you must call or just fold as you do not know what kind of card your opponents are holding in their hands.

It is quite likely that your opponent is also giving you certain hints unknowingly but you could not pick the signal. So you can learn to read these signs so that your chances of winning can increase dramatically.

Try to observe the following few common signs of your opponent to know what your poker tells actually reveal.

  • Acting weak

Often your opponent may project himself weak to confuse you if he has got a strong hand. Often their body language may be a little different from their facial expression.

  • Abrupt silence or chattering

If a very talkative person suddenly becomes quiet or any usually silent person starts talking extra then it indicates that the person has something very special with him.

  • Look at their chips after the deal

After the deal, if the person is looking at your chips and also the chip of other players then it is an indication that his hand has poker nuts.

  • Straightening of posture

If any player suddenly becomes very alert and starts straightening his posture and tries to observe others then it indicates he has something to use in his hand.

  • Splashing chips

If you notice a player has suddenly become too aggressive and splashing his chips and showing more confidence, then he is bluffing as he must be having very weak cards in hand.

  • How fast your opponent is calling

If any player makes his call fast then it indicates he has got an average card and he just wants to confuse others by showing his confidence so that others remain careful of him.

  • Dilly dallying before a check

In such a situation, it is most likely they have nothing but now trying their luck to obtain a free card. In case you have got a strong hand then try to make him pay.

  • Dilly dallying before a bet

Again the player is trying to bluff by showing his weakness while he will give you a surprise at the end by showing his strong card at the end.

  • Names of online players

Often people display their names that may also indicate their year of birth so that you can guess his age and come to know how experienced poker play he can be.

  • The super-quick check

Often person having a weak hand may try to do hurried checks to confuse others.

You will learn to observe these signs when you regularly play with a different group of people and will become an expert to catch the signs.