September 30, 2023

The best eat-and-run verification website

Best eat and drink website helps you find out if the restaurant you are eating has already had one or more people order food, eat it, and then run without paying. There are sites like this worldwide, Korea’s site is exciting because of its unique comments on each place.

What happens when you search…?

You can search for restaurants near your location by typing in your postcode into the box provided on the website, entering nothing else. After clicking “search,” you will get a list of nearby restaurants with an empty ring around them on Google Maps. However, some of these restaurants may not have this feature enabled yet–if so, you can either wait until they activate it, or you can click on the “show map” button to find them yourself.

After searching for a restaurant that has this function enabled, you will be presented with a list of all that restaurant’s customers in chronological order. The most recent customers are at the top, and the oldest customers are at the bottom. If there were multiple people at a party, only one customer from each party is shown here with details about their order. When clicking on “more,” it leads to another screen where if you scroll down past the map, you may see more information such as photos and comments from people who have eaten there before you.

So if I ate there…

When eating at a restaurant that has this functionality enabled, you can look up the restaurant on this 먹튀사이트  to see if anyone has ever eaten there before. If someone has eaten their order and ran without paying or giving a tip, then “Restaurant run” will be displayed below the photo of that customer.

What do people write in these comments…?

Most people just complain about how much they hate having to pay for food when other people don’t…but sometimes some people who have been scammed by rude restaurant workers may also post here as well. People usually talk about how scary it is or how traumatic it was because of the circumstances. I’m not sure if these people are being completely serious or if they’re just joking around.

There are similar websites all over the world that do very similar things to what the Eat-and-run verification site does in Korea, but after looking at some reviews on English versions of these websites, it seems that they are not as awesome or awesomely dramatic as the Korean one.