June 19, 2024


Each betting round in dragon tiger online starts with a betting period. During this time, punters can easily choose one coin and place bets. You can choose to wager on one or multiple bets until your betting time is finally over. At the betting time, any bet that is on the screen is always accepted. The game will then proceed to the next level.

The host draws three cards and the first card is immediately placed in the discarded pile. The other cards are then assigned to the Tiger and Dragon position. The cards are normally placed facing down and after some time, the dealer will reveal the identity of the two cards.

In this game, you will only win by predicting correctly which side will win. The winning side is always determined using the value of the cards. There are weak cards and strong cards. For example, the ace is always known as the weakest card because it is worth one point. Cards two to ten are always worth their face value. The side with the highest card value emerges as the winner. When you understand how to play Dragon Tiger, the game can be very exciting and fun to play.