February 28, 2024


Bitcoincasinos are more or less digital casinos as they make use of a digital currency for their transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.

Games played at digital casinos


The game is based on pure chance. It is basically a wheel game which played by spinning the wheel and placing wagers on the pocket the ball is going to land in. There are various kinds of bets placed in this game. There are also different kinds of wheels used to play the game which are the single zero or French/ European wheel; the double zero or American wheel; and the triple zero wheel. The dealer gives a high payout if the ball lands on a zero.

Bets placed

Rogue or noir

This is a bet on the probability of the ball landing on either red or black colored pockets. This bet has a high chance of being won. The regular numbers on the wheel are numbered either red or black while the zero numbered pockets are colored green.

Pair or impair

This bet is placed on the probability of the ball landing in either odd or even numbers. This bet also does have a high chance of being won.

Corner bets

This bet is also known as square bets. Players make bets on the four numbers that meet at a point.

Snake bets

These bets are placed on numbers that form a zigzag pattern. This bet is very popular as long as the casino permits its play.

Dozen bet

A certain dozen range is chosen and bets are placed on that range. If the ball lands on any number in the dozen range, the bet is won.

Big six wheel

This game is known by several names such as wheel of Fortune, big six, money wheel etc. It is absolutely dependent on chance. It is also a wheel game. The vertical wheel is divided into segments by spikes or pins. The symbols on the wheel differ depending on the variant. The joker and casino logo do have the highest payout- higher odds.

Money wheel

This is a well known variant. The symbols on the wheel are dollars starting from $1. This variant is commonly found at most casinos. There might be a few alterations though depending on the casino.

Dice wheel

This variant makes use of symbols derives from dice. All the possible combinations of three dice are place on the wheel. The player generally selects a number between one and six and places a bet on the number appearing in the resulting combination. If the number shows up on one dice, the dealer pays at a one third value; two dice at a two third value; and three dice at a whole value. The game is basically three dice on a wheel.

These games are usually played with a pseudorandom generator which generates the outcome of the spun wheels. A live dealer mode also exists where the dealer makes real time actions and relays it to the players via an audio visual means.