June 19, 2024

Is There A Way to Master Live Dealer Roulette?

Roulette or ‘little wheel’ in French is a type of casino game where you can place bet on different numbers or colours after spinning a ball on wheel. You would win if the ball lands on your selected compartment of the wheel. Though it may seem that this game can be won purely on luck, Joseph Jagger was the first person to win a fortune by devising a theory. He insisted that it was possible that some roulette wheels didn’t always give random results. They had certain favoured pockets.

Live Dealer Roulette

Even if you miss out on a land-based casino, you can get the closest experience of enjoying roulette in the physical casino through live dealer roulette. It combines both the features of the online and land-based casino. Instead of watching graphics showing computerised roulette wheel, you can see an actual wheel moving with a human dealer. You can communicate with the dealer or other players directly in the chat box.

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Advantage Play in Roulette

There are three roulette advantage play that players use to win –

  • Wheel bias – This was the way Joseph Jagger used for winning in a roulette game. This technique requires you to observe a roulette wheel for may be hundreds and thousands of time to determine its favoured pocket if there is any.
  • Dealer signatures – It is easy to get monotonous when a dealer has to spin the wheel many times a day. It may result in dealer spinning the wheel in a definite pattern; thus, giving predictable result.
  • Electronic devices to measure the velocity of the ball and wheel when present at the table.

You need to know that all these mentioned techniques can’t help you much in live dealer roulette.